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Shad gaspard cause of death|Shad Gaspard's Wife Thanks WWE Friends & Fans For Support

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WWE star Shad Gaspard's family thanks people for their ...

438 reviews...

Shad gaspard vs jtg - 2020-03-16,Hawaii

Gaspard debuted in OVW in 2003 under the ring name Da Beast, eventually joining Kenny Bolin's Bolin Services stable.“There are not enough words to describe what he means to all of us.In a statement, the WWE said it was “saddened” to learn of his death.

After being released along with JTG from WWE, Gaspard lost to Psicosis at a Pro Wrestling Alliance (PWA) event on September 22 in Houston, Texas.The 39-year-old was caught in a rip current while swimming with his son on Sunday afternoon and went missing.— LACoFD Lifeguards (@LACoLifeguards) May 20, 2020.

He died on May 17, 2020, in Venice Beach, California.Shad and JTG would later square off in heated fashion after a falling out in 2010.“The decedent was identified as Shad Gaspard and next of kin was notified,” the police department told the Associated Press.

Shad gaspard wwe - 2020-02-19,South Dakota

However, when the guards returned to get Gaspard, he was gone. .A person found Shad around 1:30 am.Sadly, as TMZ Sports first reported ..

The wrestling community was rocked by the tragic news on Wednesday that former WWE star Shad Gaspard died in a drowning accident.Gaspard had instructed rescuers to help his son first before a large wave submerged him.Would you like to view this in our Asia edition?.

With news of Gaspard's disappearance and death, the wrestling world reacted to the loss of one of its own.Tori be say strong wave carry di 39-year-old with im 10-year-old Aryeh on May 17.In absolutely tragic circumstances, please keep his loved ones in your thoughts.

Shad gaspard's son aryeh gaspard - 2020-05-22,California

— Apollo (@WWEApollo) May 20, 2020.He was of Curaçaoan and Haitian descent.— Florida Man (@WWEBigE) May 20, 2020.

shad gaspard wwe

Wrestling World Post Tributes To Shad Gaspard After Tragic ...

Shad gaspard vs jtg - 2020-03-30,Alaska

— El Consigliere (@KennyKingPb2) May 20, 2020.RELATED: Shad Gaspard’s Family Thanks Fans for ‘Love, Support’ as WWE Star Remains Missing.— D-von Dudley (@TestifyDVon) May 20, 2020.

Great guy.This content is available customized for our international audience.— Renee Young (@ReneeYoungWWE) May 20, 2020.

Shad Gaspard has one son and a wife.Comedian Tom Segura has professional wrestlers threatening to beat him up over comments he made about the sport on his podcast, Your Mom's House, earlier this month.After his release, he performed on the independent circuit.

Shad gaspard's son aryeh gaspard - 2020-05-13,California

— Jay 'Christian' Reso (@Christian4Peeps) May 20, 2020.Lifeguards were able to rescue Gaspard’s son, but they were unable to recover the former wrestler.As well as wrestling royalty, Gaspard's fans also took to social media to pay tribute to their hero.

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Shad gaspard vs jtg - 2020-05-17,Texas

— Kayla Braxton (@KaylaBraxtonWWE) May 20, 2020.His 10-year-old son Aryeh was rescued and taken to safety.Further, at the age of 5, Ben trained Shad with boxing.

Before entering the squared circle, Gaspard played basketball at Georgia Perimeter College.Cryme Tyme began working with John Cena on the June 30 episode of Raw when they helped him interfere during John Bradshaw Layfield's (JBL) match.The news about the death of former WWE wrestler, named, Shad Gaspard is accurate.

He qualified for the finals of the reality television program Tough Enough 2 in 2002, but was disqualified and replaced after failing a physical.Officials resumed their search Monday morning for former WWE wrestling star Shad Gaspard who disappeared off the Venice Beach coast over the weekend, a source tells Eyewitness News.

shad gaspard wwe

Former WWE Star Shad Gaspard Has Been Found Dead After He ...

Shad gaspard vs jtg - 2020-04-07,Utah

— Karl Anderson (@MachineGunKA) May 20, 2020.Before entering the squared circle, Gaspard played basketball at Georgia Perimeter College.WWE legend Dave Bautista cry as im pay im tribute: Im liked to walk inside di room and commotion - na di kain pesin im be, bigger than life.

Gaspard was best known in professional wrestling as part of the Cryme Tyme duo with Jayson Anthony Paul, known as JTG, the company said.Shad Gaspard cause of death – dead, obituary, funeral plans: Sad news that Shad Gaspard passed away broke today.As a family we thank you all for your concern and well wishes.

— Karl Anderson (@MachineGunKA) May 20, 2020.Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.We are hoping and praying for his safe return," said the family.

Shad gaspard's son aryeh gaspard - 2020-05-07,Arkansas

Former WWE star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson wrote, "My prayers and hope for Shad Gaspard’s wife, son and family during this unthinkable time.

Shad gaspard vs jtg - 2020-03-23,Indiana

Before entering the squared circle, Gaspard played basketball at Georgia Perimeter College.The news about the death of former WWE wrestler, named, Shad Gaspard is accurate.He was also a bodyguard for Mike Tyson, P.

During his childhood, he took part in athletics and won many prizes.Officials suspended their search on Tuesday after their efforts were unable to locate him.Gaspard went to Japan and worked for Antonio Inoki`s Inoki Genome Federation on February 5, 2011 where he teamed with Bobby Lashley and lost to Erik Hammer and Atsushi Sawada.

His father was a former enforcer for street gangs and later a personal security guard in the early 1970s; he worked for gangster Frank Lucas and currently owns McFay Contracting Inc.“Shad was our whole world and we were his.Like Johnson, Gaspard launched into an actor career after wrestling.Shad Gaspard Death Dead - Shad Gaspard Cause Of Death.

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