Honorable guests, dear friends,

On behalf of the Macedonian Association for Geotechnics (MAG) and the Organizing Committee (OC), we are pleased to welcome you all to the 16th Danube-European Conference on Geotechnical Engineering (XVI DECGE) in Skopje, R. Macedonia (RM), 07-09.6.2018!

The Conference is held under the auspices of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), with the support of the International Tunneling and Underground Space Association (ITA), while co-organizers are University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje, the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Chamber of Certified Architects and Certified Engineers of RM and the Engineering Institution of Macedonia. Moreover, General patron of this Conference is the President of the Republic of Macedonia, H.E. prof. Gjorge Ivanov.

The theme of the XVI DECGE is “Geotechnical hazards and risks: experiences and practices”. The idea comes from the several catastrophic events in the past years, not only in the region. So, it is more than evident that risk assessment and management are required in all aspects of geotechnical issues, such as planning, design, construction, maintenance and restoration of structures. International exchange of information is of crucial importance today to advance knowledge and experience in this scientific and practical field. Thus, more than 150 papers from all around the world about influence of geotechnical hazards on infrastructure, landslides, man-made slopes, earthworks, deep excavations, dams, tailings dams, slope failure repair, flood hazards, earthquakes, bridge foundations, tunneling, karts environments, problematic materials, physical and numerical modeling, soil-structure interaction, behavior of unsaturated and saturated materials etc. have been received.

In that sense the logo was designed. Namely, the blue waves symbolize the Danube River, the rivers of RM and the water, as one of the major provoker of instabilities. Slopes are the ones that are endangered, but here there are with light green color, compromise between Macedonian mountains and sun, stimulating environmental aspects and giving pass to the stabilization solution. This is possible with pile, as part of XVI, resisting and calming the water, heading down to the firm rock, the black horizontal line. It will follow us during the rich program of the XVI DECGE, consisted of Plenary session, parallel sessions, ISSMGE and ITA lectures, technical visits, exhibition and social events. Moreover, a day prior to the Conference, ISSMGE has Board meeting, ITA – which will also have its Executive Committee’s meeting here – delivers a seminar, while prof. Heinz Brandl, one of the initiators and symbol of continuity of this 54-years long-lasting and very vital regional conference, is honored with State Recognition Medal, giving thus tribute to the whole geotechnical society!

This is the first time that DECGE is organized in RM. Its capital, Skopje, is more than 2000-years old city, during which, due to the turbulent history, was privileged to be elected as capital of other countries. But, it has also suffered at times from different risk events, yet has always risen up and gratefully carries the title City of solidarity. Today it is dynamic and vivid point where cultures and nations from East to West and from North to South co-exist, as well as it is home town of Mother Theresa. Guests have opportunity to savor the city with our friendly people and we sincerely believe that all participants that joined us in the XVI DECGE journey will have a fruitful conference and will witness unforgettable moments during their stay in R. Macedonia – the land of nature and cradle of culture, sun, wine and warm hospitality. Enjoy it!

With best regards,



Prof. Milorad Jovanovski

President of MAG

Chairman of OC of the XVI DECGE

Prof. Ljupčo Dimitrievski

Vice-president of MAG

Co-chairman of OC of the XVI DECGE




In the year 1964 the Danube - European Conferences on Geotechnical Engineering were founded in Vienna by Austrian Society of Engineers and Architects (ÖIAV) with its branches for Geotechnical Engineering (Member Society of ISSMGE) and Road Engineering (Member Society of PIARC). The aim of these Conferences was to bring together colleagues from East and West along Danube region, from either side of the former “Iron Curtain”. The vision of ÖIAV at that time was at least a mental, cultural, economic and scientific reunification of this region.

Meanwhile, this took place in a newer scope, and now the “Danube-European Conference” comprises more than 20 countries, when – for historical reasons – Russia and Turkey are also included.

As a result of MAG’s progressive and continuous work, during the Danube-European Conference on Geotechnical Engineering (DECGE) held in Vienna in September 2014, it was unanimously decided to allocate the organization of the XVI DECGE in 2018 to Macedonian Association for Geotechnics.